Movable Auction

DATE: 21 January 2021 AT 11H00
VANUE: Erf 1739 Lanseria, Unit 4,
Corner of Thunderbolt and Amelia Drive,
Lanseria Corporate Estate


No Case No Matter between List of items Images
(Execution Creditor)
(Execution Debtor)
2 x 2 Seater couches
1 x Reception desk & 1 chair
1 x LG Monitor screen
1 x Dell computer box
8 x Office chairs
5 x Office filing cabinets
1 x KIC fridge
1 x Hisense microwave
2 x Pairs men's shoes
6 x Glasses
1 x Assorted cutlery
1 x Coffee table
5 x Office desks
1 x 4 Chest of drawers
1 x Red flower vase
6 x Office chairs
4 x Office desks
3 x Office filing cabinets
1 x Flower pot/vase
1 x Floor mat
1 x Grey dustbin
1 x Grey vase
1 x Wall picture
1x Kettle
1 x Corona treatment
machine HW-2002-
1 x Paper roll machine
6 x 25K Mortz bags
28 x Plastic rolls white
5 x Blue plastic rolls
6 x Hard gear boxes
milling machine
6 x Film blowing machines
7 x Plastic roller machines
6 x Winding boxes
6 x Tower plastic roller
3 x Bag making machines
5 x Steel tables
2 x Veloss machines
3 x Office chairs
1 x Assorted sizes plastic bags
1 x Assorted sizes plastic roller
1 x Roller machine
1 x Doosan fork lift
1 x WF 1686 Fork lift
1 x Silver tank & motor
1 x Pellet 25k polythelene bags
3 x Pellets polyethylene 25k bags
1 x Pellet trans pace
recycling material
1 x Braai stand
1 x Electric water pump
1 x Pellet 25KG cefor polythelene resins
1 x Gasoline 1OLT gallon
7 x Lockers
1 x KIC fridge
1 x Hisense microwave
1x 10L Urn
1 x Plastic table
1 x Hoover top


The sale is conducted in accordance with the provisions of Rule 45 of the Uniform Rules of the High Court, Rule 41 of the Magistrate's Court Rules, as amended, as well as the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, the Regulations promulgated thereunder and the Rules of Auction where applicable. The provisions may be viewed at (the Act) and (the Regulations.)

A refundable registration deposit of R10 000.00 is payable on registration and all buyer must register in the prescribed manner.

All goods which are numbered in lots or pointed out by the Auctioneer will be sold to the highest bidder, without reserve.

Payment to be made during or immediately after the sale in cash, bank guaranteed cheque or immediate electronic fund transfer directly into the Sheriffs trust account. Goods remain the property of the Auctioneer until full payment has been received.

All goods are sold “voetstoots” in whatever conditions they may be, by the acceptance of the bid and no guarantee whatsoever is given.

Descriptions and information in adverts or given verbally are given in good faith.

The Auctioneer does not hold himself responsible for any errors in description of quality or quantity. A bid shall be taken as proof that the bidder has acquainted himself with the lots for which he bids.

All lots knocked down immediately become the responsibility of the purchaser. The auctioneer, owner or his agent cannot be held responsible for any goods that may be lost, damaged or stolen.

No goods may be removed during the time of the sale and must be paid for in full before they are removed from the premises.

The selling price EXCLUDES VAT.

Goods to be auctioned will be at the discretion of the auctioneer and he reserves the right to combine, divide or withdraw any lot. The Auctioneer reserves the right of regulating bidding, also of refusing any bidding and withdrawing any lot from the sale or stopping the sale altogether.

The removal of goods will be the responsibility of the purchaser and he will also be held liable for any damage to the building or any other item, while removing his goods.

If the purchaser fails to carry out any of his obligations under the conditions of sale, the goods may be put up for sale again immediately and the purchaser shall be responsible for any loss sustained by reason of his default.

If the auctioneer or seller makes any mistake in selling, such mistake shall not be binding on any of the parties, but shall be rectified.

If the auctioneer believes that the bidder is unable to pay the purchase price, he may refuse to accept the bid, or accept it provisionally, until the bidder shall have satisfied him immediately that he is able to pay the purchase price. On refusal of a bid under these circumstances, the item may again be put up for auction forthwith.

For more infomation please contact Grace Mahlangu on 087 330 1094 or email at


No persons will be allowed to register after the advertised time of the auction, as late registrations are not permitted in terms of the regulations [Regulation 26(2)]” COMPILED IN TERMS OF REGULATION 21(1)(a) OF THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT OF 2008 (ACT No.68 OF 2008)